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Author Topic: DotNetNuke troubleshooting for ASP.NET 2.0  (Read 8727 times)

Alec [CT]

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DotNetNuke troubleshooting for ASP.NET 2.0
« on: September 08, 2006, 01:57:19 PM »
Troubleshooting DotNetNuke for Medium Trust Issues

  **** We do not support DNN running in a sub-folder ****
Before we can truely troubleshoot any issues that may be occuring, we need to gather some information first.
We need the following information:
- What version of DNN are you using?
- Are you using any 3rd party modules?
   If so, what are they? Please include urls so we can look at them
- What plan are you on?

Known DotNetNuke Medium Trust issues:
- There are no known issues with DNN running in a Medium Trust environment at this time. This can be verified by the DNN core team.

Known .NET 2.0 Medium Trust issues:
- When using pathing, if you pass in a full path (e.g. c:\inetpub\yoursite.com\) CAS will check your users permissions on every part of the path. This is generally a problem as your user does not have access to anything but \yoursite.com\, thus causing the operation to FAIL CAS and produce a .NET error.
- Assemblies must be marked to Allow Partially Trusted Callers, using the Allow Partially Trusted Caller Attribute.

Common Issues:
- Permissions set incorrectly on the directories
- Corrupt files (usually occurs when uploading many small files)
- Incorrectly using pathing inside the application (usually a custom module)

Here are some tips in troubleshooting your issues:

#1 - Make sure you have a fully functional base install of DotNetNuke first.
I cannot stress this enough. If it is not working correctly to begin with, how can you expect someone to help you find and solve issues.

#2 - Install custom modules before you worry about skinning.
This is to make sure you have things exactly where a support person would look. If your skin re-arranges the site layout and menu's it can make troubleshooting harder on others that may need to help. It also serves the purpose of making sure nothing else could be contributing to a problem.

#3 - Install only one custom module at a time unless you have already tested the module previously.
Follow the installation with an immediate test of the module on a page. Make sure to test all the functionality the author says it has. If you get any errors, copy and paste them or take screenshots. These can often be very invaluable when someone is trying to help you troubleshoot your issue.

#4 - Make sure you understand what your custom module is doing and how it does it. For example if you were using Ventrian Systems Simple Gallery, yet you did not have the proper write permissions, when you uploaded pictures it would fail. So, as you can see, it is very important to understand what is going on.
#5 - If you are having trouble with a module, make sure this is not a known issue with the module author first. Most module authors provide a means of support, whether support that takes the form of a forum, phone, or email varies widely. Make sure to keep those authors web sites bookmarked for quick access.
#6 - If you have done all of the following and are still having trouble, it is time to contact support. Please have all of the information handy that support will need. This will generally consist of a Customer Id and password as well as any relavent information you can provide. Please be patient with whomever is helping you as they may ask you to perform things you have already done over again. This is not to frustrate you, but rather to make sure they understand your issue completely and have all the information they need. If you contacted support via phone, they may have you submit a ticket so that they can get the appropriate resources on the problem. They are not trying to put you off for another time, they just want to put their best resources on it.
DotNetNuke sources for help
DotNetNuke - http://www.dotnetnuke.com
DNNCreative - http://www.DnnCreative.com

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