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Author Topic: My first Newtek cart -- fundamental questions arise  (Read 4965 times)

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My first Newtek cart -- fundamental questions arise
« on: October 28, 2011, 01:02:40 PM »
I have just install my first NewTek Cart, and plan to install another one next week.  Some fairly obvious rough edges and questions have come up right away.  I'd love to hear from established users about these:

a) the end of the install process says not to "...modify any of the installation files..." but the readme.txt which is installed says to delete or rename the installation folder.  That's an obvious conflict in instructions. (I have renamed it).

b) The first time I logged into the admin area I was told an upgrade was available.  I would have assumed the latest version Newtek supports would have been used for my brand new install.  Should I do the "hot patch"?

c) every time I navigate to the cart control panel home page I am told there was an error rendering the quick start guide dialog.  Is this common?

d) Though I began at www.<mydomain.com>/admin.php, I see I have been redirected to an IP address.  Seems weird....

How are other users finding the product?  Thanks....