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Author Topic: Cannot connect to email server from my home network. Can connect outside network  (Read 1073 times)

Offline efmathis

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I am unable to connect to my mail server from my home computer either through an Outlook connection or through a web mail connection.  I can connect with a cellular connection or through my office network.   I have checked with my ISP and they say there should be no restrictions on my connection through them. I can also connect with a trace rt from a 3rd party website Site24x7.com from my home computer.

I have removed my wireless router from the loop and the connection issue persists connected directly to my computer from the cable modem.  When I do a trace rt  The failed attempts end like this.

 7    74 ms    74 ms    84 ms  scd-edge-02.inet.qwest.net []
  8    81 ms    72 ms    97 ms
  9    75 ms    75 ms    73 ms
 10    75 ms    74 ms    74 ms
 11     *        *        *     Request timed out.

When I do a trace rt from an outside computer that is successful, it ends like this.

8   scd-edge-02.inet.qwest.net (   19.418
9 (   19.709
10 (   20.160
11 (   20.696
12   maila37.webcontrolcenter.com (   21.120

The failed attempt seems to be reaching the webcontrolcenter servers at line 8, but branch differently at line 9 as compared to the successful attempt.

Any Ideas of what could be causing this issue?